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Residence Permit by Real Estate Acquisition or Strategic Investment


The program is aimed at high net worth individuals who wish to obtain permanent residence, with the possibility of citizenship, by purchasing a property.


Permanent residence for 5 years (real estate option) or 10 years (strategic investment option).

Qualifying Criteria

To qualify for the program, applicants must show that they:

  • Have the required net worth to invest in the construction, reconstruction, modernization or maintenance of existing infrastructure, facilities and networks in: a. manufacturing, b. the energy sector, c. tourism, d. transport and communications, e. health services, f. waste management, g. projects of high-technology and innovation, h. the education sector, i. cultural sector, j. in the primary or agri-food sector, k. the provision of services of the tertiary sector, provided that they meet one of the following conditions:
    • Strategic investment of over €100,000,000.
    • Strategic investment of over €15,000,000 in an industrial zone or €3,000,000 in the JESSICA fund context.
    • Strategic investment of over €40,000,000 and create 120 new employment positions.
    • At least 150 new employment positions are created from the investment in a viable manner or at least 600 jobs are retained.
    • Strategic investment of over €5,000,000 for the development of business parks.
    • Real estate of €250,000 for a residential property, or equivalent investment in either a timesharing agreement with a duration of at least 10 years or lease of at least 10 years of hotel facilities or furnished homes in combined tourist facilities.

Costs and Procedures

Government costs for applicants:


  • Principal applicant€700
  • 1For Residency by Real Estate Acquisition:
    • 1.1 Application is submitted along with penal report, medical certificates and travel insurance. (Must include proof of purchase of real estate or documents showing that applicant has at least €250,000 with copy of brokerage assignment to law firm or real estate agency).
    • 1.2 Residency permit issued with a validity of 5 years
  • 2For Residency by Strategic Investment:
    • 2.1 Application is submitted at Invest in Greece agency.
    • 2.2 Ministry of Interior makes decision based on application.
    • 2.3 Residency permit issued with a validity of 10 years.


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