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Greece has a rich history as the birthplace of democracy, Western philosophy, the Olympic Games, Western literature, political science, major scientific and mathematical principles, and Western drama. Today, Greece is a democratic and developed country with a high standard of living and a member of the European Union. 

Greece offers residency by investment options to individuals who wish to purchase real estate or perform a strategic investment in the economy. These options grant residency for different time frames, and are defined in Law 4146/2013: Residence permits in the context of a friendly investment environment.

Investment immigration programs

Citizenshipby investment

Citizenshipby investment

No available programs for this country. Please follow the link for citizenship programs offered by other countries.

Key Facts

  • Area: 131,952 km2
  • Population: 10,775,557 (2014 est.)
  • Official language: Greek
  • Capital: Athens
  • Government: Parliamentary republic
  • Legal system: Civil legal system based on Roman law
  • Currency: Euro
  • GDP per capita: $23,600 US (PPP 2013 est., $267.1 billion US GDP)
  • Climate: Temperate, mild wet winters, hot dry summers
  • Visa-free travel for citizens: 167 countries

Economic Immigration & Taxation

Greece has a thriving service industry that makes up close to two thirds of gross domestic product, followed by industry and agriculture. Tourism is a major source of foreign exchange earnings and revenue, followed by shipping. Most of the country’s activities take place in Athens, where the majority of its population lives, but there are other important business centers such as Thessaloniki, Patra, Crete, and Kavala. Investor confidence has improved following the recent economic restructuring. 

Greece taxes its residents on income earned in any part of the world, but reduces tax liability for tax that was paid in the foreign country in which the profits arose. The tax rates vary depending on the type of income. The country has multiple agreements to avoid the double imposition of taxes. 

AURAY Capital’s partnership, via Grant Thornton Greece, can provide assurance, taxation and advisory services in its Athens office. 

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Family Life


The people of Greece enjoy a high standard of living, and according to the Human Development Index, the country is positioned in 18th place after Norway, Canada and Australia.

AURAY Capital's specialists in Residency and Citizenship by Investment programs can guide you through Greece’s immigrant investor program.

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