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Auray Capital Antigua and Barbuda

This twin island state of Antigua and Barbuda is a tropical destination considered among the most beautiful in the world and is located to the south-east of Puerto Rico, between the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean. About a third of its residents live in the capital Saint John’s, and the island has a large and established English-speaking community.

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Residencyby investment

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Key Facts

Antigua and Barbuda
  • Area: 442.6 km2
  • Population: 91,295 (2014 est.)
  • Official language: English
  • Capital: Saint John’s
  • Government: Constitutional monarchy with parliamentary system of government and commonwealth realm.
  • Legal system: Common law based on British model.
  • Currency: East Caribbean Dollar (XCD)
  • GDP per capita: $18,400 US (PPP 2013 est., $1.61 billion US GDP).
  • Climate: Tropical maritime
  • Visa-free travel for citizens: 131 countries

Economic Immigration & Taxation

Due to Antigua and Barbuda’s natural beauty, tourism dominates the economy. Agricultural production is focused on the domestic market and there is a presence of an export manufacturing industry. The country has managed to reduce its public debt-to-GDP ratio by adopting a fiscal reform program. It has also opened up to the offshore financial and business sector, and has the advantage of being in the same time zone as New York and Toronto.

Antigua and Barbuda taxes its resident corporations on a worldwide basis at a 25% rate. However, capital gain is excluded from the taxable income. Individual residents in Antigua and Barbuda are taxable at a progressive rate (maximum 25%) on their worldwide income. Capital gain is exempt from taxes as well as foreign interests on savings and foreign dividends.

AURAY Capital’s partnership, via Grant Thornton Antigua, can provide assurance, taxation and advisory services in St. John’s, Antigua.

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Family Life

As an upscale tourist destination, Antigua and Barbuda enjoys the highest per-capita income in the Eastern Caribbean. The island’s 365 beaches invite visitors and residents to enjoy one of the most beautiful tropical settings in the world.

AURAY Capital's specialists in Residency and Citizenship by Investment programs can guide you through Antigua and Barbuda’s Citizenship-by-Investment Program.

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