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Quebec Entrepreneur Program


The Quebec Entrepreneur Program is designed for individuals wishing to make an active investment in the economy of Quebec and participate in its development. The province is known for its strengths in the mining sector, forestry, and farming. It has also become an important center for aerospace, life sciences, multimedia, information and communication technologies, and has a dynamic services industry. Contact AURAY Capital for more information.


The Quebec Entrepreneur Program grants conditional residence to qualifying applicants. After fulfilling the conditions of the program, the applicant and accompanying dependents can obtain a permanent residence visa, and ultimately the right to apply for citizenship after meeting residency requirements.

Qualifying Criteria

  • Possess, individually or with an accompanying spouse, a minimum net worth of $300,000 CAD obtained legally;
  • Have qualifying management experience in a lawful and profitable business for at least two out of the five years preceding the submission of an application, where the applicant, alone or with a spouse, controlled at least 25% of its equity;
  • Present one of the two components in the application:
    • Ability to carry out a business project: Submit a business project with the purpose of creating or acquiring a business (agricultural, industrial or commercial) in Québec that you will manage yourself or that you will participate in as management and operations partner on a daily basis. You must control, alone or with your accompanying spouse or common-law spouse, at least 25% of the capital equity with a value of at least C$100,000.
    • Acquire a business: Have acquired in Québec, alone or with your accompanying spouse or common-law spouse, at least 25% of capital equity in a business (agricultural, commercial or industrial) with a value of at least C$100,000. You must manage the business yourself or participate in it as management and operations partner on a daily basis.
  • Demonstrate French or English language abilities through a standardized test if they require the points for this selection criteria.

Costs and Procedures

The government fee schedule for applications under the entrepreneur program is as follows:


  • Principal applicant$1,034 CAD
  • Spouse or de facto spouse$164 CAD
  • Dependent child$164 CAD
  • 1Submit completed application under one of the two business components and pay fees.
  • 2Applicants that are selected for processing are invited for an interview with a government immigration officer.
  • 3After an applicant is approved for the entrepreneur program, a separate application is sent to Citizenship and Immigration Canada to complete security and medical checks.
  • 4Upon arrival in Quebec, the applicant must comply, for at least one year during the three years after obtaining permanent resident status, with the following conditions:
    • 4.1 Create or acquire, in whole or in part, an agricultural, commercial or industrial business established in Québec where you hold at least 25% of the capital equity with a value of at least C$100,000 and which will employ, on a permanent basis and for a minimum of 30 hours a week, a Québec resident other than yourself and accompanying family members.
    • 4.2 Participate in the daily management and operations of the business.


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